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Improving a Website's "Curb" Appeal

Process Overview


The goal here is to cultivate an environment where meaningful relationships and connections can be made to identify a client's, market, values, objectives and identity.


Objective based design. Developing assets, selecting fonts, elements and symbols that fit or describe an idea or client identity. Analog fist helps keep ideas fluid. Sketches lead to several website mock-ups and the overall function and flow of the website. This is where ideas start to form and take shape.


Reassess the purpose of the website and if the design achieves those goals. Analyze different design approaches and match them against the client's objectives, values and identity to make informed design decisions.


This stage is about taking solidified ideas, assets, graphics, and mock-ups and configuring them for best implementation. Optimization of graphics help speed up the coding process and insure fast load times while maintaining quality graphics.


Implement graphics and framework to create a functional prototype. Regular tweaking and testing along the way to insure the end result is spot on. Once reviewed for any last changes the website is launched.


At this stage all that is left to do is plug 'n' play.